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For the love of books! We find out how and why the UK has rediscovered reading.

For the love of books! We find out how and why the UK has rediscovered reading.

 In a recent article by BBC News, it was revealed that the nation has once again rekindled their love for books during lockdown. As you can imagine, the whole team at Books2Door were thrilled to read this! Not only are kids’ books brilliant for development, a chance for escapism and a way to support positive wellbeing - there is nothing quite like curling up with a good book.

From bingeworthy boxsets (not the TV kind!) for teens and young adults, to classic collections for the little ones, books are the UK’s favourite pastime that can be enjoyed again and again.

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According to the Publishers Association, there has been an impressive 7% total climb in book sales over the last year as people ‘rediscovered their love of reading’ during lockdown. Hurrah! This positive impact on the book industry led to an increase of both fiction and non-fiction titles, providing much needed entertainment and of course, to support crucial home learning for children of all ages during lockdown.

But the good news doesn’t end there. A whopping 16% of consumers chose fiction books in recent months. Whether it’s been an opportunity to escape to the unknown, for some off-screen entertainment or simply reading an all-time favourite, fiction books are packed with plenty of thrills and adventures for every eager bookworm.

"It's clear that many people rediscovered their love of reading last year and that publishers were able to deliver the entertaining and thought-provoking books that so many of us needed.”
Stephen Lotinga, chief executive of the Publishers' Association
We’re positive this recently reported trend will continue and the UK’s ‘lockdown love’ for reading is here to stay. But if you need a little inspiration for that next book fix or to find the perfect addition for your #shelfie  – look no further. We’re here to help! Check out top Netflix titles including Bridgerton, a highly recommended choice for young adults. Or laugh-out-loud authors such as David Walliams who boast a fantastic range of kids’ books to suit readers from 7+, guaranteed to have both children and parents in stitches.  


Favourite reads

When it comes to page-curling and spine-creasing books, there are some popular choices that topped the charts in the last twelve months as reported by the Publisher’s Association and BBC. Among the best-selling consumer titles were famous authors, books with tasty recipe inspiration and hilarious children’s stories – with something for all ages. Check out the full list here. 

For us here at Books2Door, we saw plenty of impressive books topping our very own charts thanks to our brilliant customers. Taking prime position were book sets such as Harry Potter’s Complete Collection and Alex Rider The Complete Missions while hilarious titles such as Captain Underpants crept into the top twenty. If you haven’t discovered these bestsellers and more, now’s your chance!

Something for everyone

When it comes to reading, encouraging this from a young age comes highly recommended. Even newborn babies will appreciate the soothing sound of voices, and it won’t be long before they start to recognise pictures or shapes. As they grow, kids’ books evolve to suit all interests, taking children on a new adventure in every story. Reading for even just 10 minutes a day can boost the crucial development that improves literacy skills and a child’s confidence to read independently or aloud while increasing their vocabulary. One thing we know is that every child’s interest in books is different. Whether it’s a love for animals, fantasy, magic or plenty of humour – these popular titles have been hand-picked so you can continue the love for reading, lockdown and beyond!

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