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Up to 10% Off With Multi-Buy Discounts + 10% Cashback
Easy Classics

Easy Classics

At Books 2 Door, we have several titles and collections which are classics you will surely love. Classic books that will become part of your daily reading building up to the Festive Christmas season. First, we wanted to talk about several collections and awesome titles from Sweet Cherry Publishing that will be loved by readers of all ages. Sweet Cherry Easy Classics adapts classic literature into illustrated stories for children, introducing these timeless tales to a new generation. All titles in the series are levelled for classroom use, including Accelerated Reader™, Lexile® and Guided Reading Levels.

What can readers expect from the Sweet Cherry Easy Classics series?

Cecilia (Managing Editor): The Sweet Cherry Easy Classics range is constantly growing, and we will continue to make great classics accessible to readers of all ages. We’ve got some wonderful illustrators working with us, and we’re widening our scope so readers can expect to see more beautifully illustrated big names from English literature, but also some well-known titles from around the world!

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At Books 2 Door, we are regularly updating our website to list classic titles and stories written by legendary authors of the past several decades and centuries. This blog will contain some of the beloved book sets you can get into this winter and you can use this opportunity to spread the joys of reading with friends and family by mentioning some of the books listed on this page! 

We have the Jane Austen 6 Books Box Set, a beautiful adaptation of the classic books by the amazing novelist Jane Austen. The stunning and vibrant illustrations exist within these books to further support the magnificent writings of Jane Austen. This collection consists of classics such as Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey and more. Stories focus on various important life scenarios which talks about class differences, upbringing and lifestyle which can truly test the relationships and friendships between people. The setting is realistic and reflects much of real life situations, showcasing challenges many people face in regards to difficult choices people have to make, much of the concentration is on female protagonists and the tales resonate with modern readers even though the stories were written several centuries ago! 

We also have The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection Series 1 and Series 2. The iconic detective Sherlock Holmes is known and loved by readers across the world, and both of this set will display the amazing stories of the classic, in a fun and adapted stylised collection. Both of these sets are our bestsellers and have remained our bestsellers for a long time. In The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection: Mystery, Mischief and Mayhem 10 Books (Series 2) - it includes fascinating classics such as the likes of A Scandal in Bohemia, The Copper Beeches, The Six Napoleons, The Engineer’s Thumb and more. The sets include QR codes for the free audiobooks as well! Not only that, but the books contain fun illustrations that draw in readers to solve the crimes too, each book is simplified so that young readers can follow along with fun and ease. 

At Books 2 Door, we have so many more suitable classic titles to grab for the festive season, like Chronicles of Narnia, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter and The Complete Alice 22 Book Collection.

Also, check out some other beautiful adaptations of classic literatures like A Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice, No Ordinary Boy, A Study in Scarlet, Romeo and Juliet

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