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Bedtime Story is Mandatory

Bedtime Story is Mandatory

Bedtime Story is Mandatory

Reading to your children is an integral part of their learning development. Allowing them to hear the sound of the language for the first time would be a start before they even notice the existence of printed words on a page. Reading books aloud will help stimulate the children’s brain and also increase their understanding of the world. 

Here are some reasons as to why reading is important:

  • Did you know taking away electronics and reading to your kids that are under the age of five enhance brain development?
  • A study by Hutton et al. showed babies who were read to had a better understanding of ‘receptive’ vocabularies (number of words they understood) and had an increase of 40% percent since babyhood as opposed to the non-reading group, as their vocabularies only increased by 16%.

Bedtime Story!

  • Don't make reading a chore. Reading to your child especially at night can be seen as a perfect way to bond with them even more. Reading in general should become an enjoyable staple in your child’s daily life. Bedtime stories are a time you can set aside uninterrupted and it can be seen as an amazing and magical moment.
  • Ensuring a read to your little ones before bed has also been found to improve a wide range of their skills. Starting with basic reading skills, it has also been found by Professor Barry Zuckerman at Boston University, that a story time before bed can improve motor skills, memory, as well as their emotional and social development.
  • With that in mind here are a few suggestions that you can read especially in these long summer nights.  

Peppa Pig Bedtime Library 

Peppa and George are getting ready for bed with this sweet little library of bedtime books. From bath time to story time, bedtime to dream time, this little library will help your little piggies settle off to sleep too. 

This well-known classic not only contains the entertainment factor but is also informative and educational. Your kids will be able to grasp the concept of time in a fun and engaging way.  This little library collection also contains features that are kid friendly and allows the child to also hold the book with its chunky pages.

Say Hello To The Animals 6 Books Children Set 

This little collection contains different animals and their adventures with friends. 

Reading aloud will significantly improve the child's speech and language skills and advance their development of their pronunciation. This could also turn into a fun way to teach your kids about the different animals and test them to see if they know what noises they make.

Usborne Peep Inside a Fairy Tale 4 Book Set

This set of intricately designed classic fairy tales include Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

With beautiful lift-the-flap pages, cutaways and holes to peep through, this classic set will not only introduce your little ones to the world of fairy tales, but it will help develop their motor skills, too. A sure way to make bedtimes fun and interactive for all.

Baby’s Very First Library - 18 Board Books

A striking set of 18 books for baby’s very first, including Baby’s very first Bedtime, Pets, Mealtime and Numbers, along with many more to explore.

Baby’s Very First Library will help develop your child’s receptive vocabulary at a very important stage in their learning. The bright colours will be sure to catch your little one’s imaginations. Having a large choice can give your child the opportunity to choose which book to read and involves them in the reading process, keeping them engaged and interested.

Make bedtime stories a part of your regular routine. Not only will this help develop your child’s key learning skills, but it’s perfect bonding time as a family. Skills learnt at home can go on to help your child in the classroom, and you may even set up a love for reading, for life. Go on, open up a book.


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