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BBC features Books2Door 15,000 free books campaign for World Book Day

BBC features Books2Door 15,000 free books campaign for World Book Day

When Books2Door were invited to speak live on BBC Radio on the morning of World Book Day 2021, we were thrilled to be on air for several reasons.

First and foremost, we truly appreciate the support that independent businesses like ourselves receive. We are a national online bookseller with our head office and operations based in the Midlands. Having the opportunity to raise awareness, live on air, about the importance of reading for children of all ages and from all backgrounds, is an ongoing message that remains close to our hearts.

That’s why this year to mark the increasingly popular book event, World Book Day, here in the UK, we pledged to donate 15,000 books to children – absolutely free.

Interviewed by long-standing radio presenter Ben Jackson, on his famous mid-morning show that airs daily on BBC Radio Leicester, we discussed the background behind our donation of 15,000 books for World Book Day 2021. He was pretty impressed to learn about our campaign and ideas.

“They’re giving away 15,000 books to be exact, for nothing”.

As the interview continued, Ben raised a very important message and point in relation to the accessibility and affordability of books. We also touched upon what this means to families and perhaps those in poverty – but also to let families know that reading doesn’t need to be a hefty cost, at any time in a child’s life.

“It’s all well and good us banging on about how good it is for children to read books, and how it can be great to sit them on your knee and read a book but if you can’t afford one, because they are not cheap – World Book Day can sometimes rub your nose in it.”

“It’s a pretty extraordinary gesture.”

This contribution gives households a chance to take part in World Book Day 2021 at home, even if they cannot do so at school this year due to lockdown. We really wanted to encourage children to still dress up in world book day costumes, or take part in any way that can so our contribution to this is a free book to help them do that. 

Before reminiscing about reading with his own children, he reminded listeners that there is a comforting feeling with books for children of any age. It could be babies, toddlers and all the way up to teens – every life stage is covered. Starting with picture books, then learning about phonics before opening up their imagination to all kinds of wonderful and wacky adventures, books will grow with children as they do.

“There is a sweet spot with children, as they become a little more independent – they tend to want to read. It could be a picture book, a book for early teens.”

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