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A Love Of Reading = A Love Of Learning

A Love Of Reading = A Love Of Learning

Reading for fun and pleasure is superb! But do you know about the multitudes of benefits it carries along with it when you read, particularly for young children?

Reading brings happiness and well-being, especially when books and stories are shared and what better ways are there for children to explore their imagination with other children? It is common knowledge that reading to your child when they are just learning how to speak will greatly positively impact their growth academically and will develop an early habit of reading for them. For both children and parents, this activity will be an entertaining way to improve the relationship.

Here are a few examples of what type of benefits children will gain from reading!

  • 65% of children ages 5-7 and 73% of children ages 8-13 will read to themselves when they were previously read to daily.
  • This is because parents or guardians that read to children will stimulate independent reading for pleasure.
  • Bedtime stories will provide quality bonding time between children and parents.
  • A supportive home environment that encourages the love of reading in children is important for developing reading enjoyment. For example, having a small library of varied books to choose from at home, making reading an essential part of your children’s life like reading movie titles, road signs, menus, news reports and other important everyday constructive information.
  • Introducing e-reading is a great way for your children to learn to read, if they enjoy using technology and mobile devices. Ensure that you buy and install essential reading content on your children’s mobile devices so they are spending valuable time on the screen.
  • Make sure you let your children choose what content they want to read. Letting children have choices will encourage them to enjoy reading even more, regardless whether that would be novels, comics, magazines, if they are engaged with the content then they will gradually increase their reading ability.
  • It is important to show interest and provide feedback to what your children are reading. Ask them questions that challenge their minds, and create scenarios within the stories of books. Take advantage of technology to introduce a wide collection of categories from mobile devices to your kids. By exposing children to more complex ideas, they will naturally perform better in school!

Most importantly, don’t forget to praise your kids for their efforts!

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