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The Tomorrow Series 7 Books Complete Collection Set Pack by John Marsden

The Tomorrow Series 7 Books Complete Collection Set Pack by John Marsden
By John Marsden 7 Book Collection ISBN: 9781786540980 Product Code: B2D2505

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Titles in this set

  1. Tomorrow When the War Began
  2. The Dead of the Night
  3. The Third Day, The Frost
  4. Darkness Be My Friend
  5. Burning for Revenge
  6. The Night is for Hunting
  7. The Other Side of Dawn

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Tomorrow When the War Began

Somewhere out there Ellie and her friends are hiding.Their country has been invaded. Everyone they know has been captured. Their world has changed overnight. They've got no weapons - except courage. They've got no help - except themselves. They've got nothing - except friendship. How strong could you be, if the world was full of people trying to kill you?

The Dead of the Night

The Dead of Night continues this gripping story about teenagers facing warfare amid the intensity of first love. Would you sacrifice everything to save your country and your family?

The Third Day, The Frost

Ellie and her friends have achieved more than they ever thought possible as an unarmed bunch of amateur teenage fighters. But it's not enough. The war wages on, their families are in captivity and their country is on its knees. Hiding back in Hell, the friends face a big question: what to do next? The gang have another success when they manage to rescue Kevin. He returns to them equipped with a new knowledge of explosives. Suddenly the question of what to do next becomes clear - launch an attack on the major enemy target of Cobblers' Bay

Darkness Be My Friend

Darkness is the friend and enemy of those who hunt by night. Ellie and her friends have found safety after months of fighting. But the New Zealand Defence Force needs their help to infiltrate occupied Australian territory. And so the friends must fight on.

Burning for Revenge

Ellie and her friends are more determined than ever to make an impact on the enemy. But the constant fighting is beginning to take its toll on the group. Kevin is suffering an emotional breakdown, and the friendship that has kept the gang together for so long is under strain. And while there is no time for love in a time of war, Ellie can't forget her feelings for Lee... 

The Night is for Hunting

Twelve months have passed since the invasion. Ellie has lost friends, she has taken many lives and she is still as disgusted by violence as she is determined to stand up to the invaders. Now the friends find themselves back in their sanctuary of Hell, caring for a band of feral children whose lives have been destroyed by the war. Meanwhile, the conflict intensifies and the enemy draws closer...

The Other Side of Dawn

The war is at a turning point. The enemy is growing weaker, and more desperate. And so is Ellie.As the conflict intensifies around her, she is captured and separated from her friends.Overwhelmed by all she has lost, Ellie wonders if she has the strength to survive the final conflict - and if she can live with the consequences of everything she has done.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author John Marsden
ISBN 9781786540980
Collection ISBN 9781786540980
Age group Young Adult
Book amount 7
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions No
Publisher Quercus Childrens Books
Condition New
Video link No
RRP 55.93

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