The Roman Mysteries 6 Book Collection - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Caroline Lawrence

The Roman Mysteries 6 Book Collection - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Caroline Lawrence
By Caroline Lawrence 6 Book Collection ISBN: 9781510102637 Product Code: B2D0333

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Caroline Lawrence presents the Roman Mysteries 6 book collection. Four young adventurers go on a series of mystery solving quests, including uncovering the secrets of Mount Vesuvius and meeting some of the evil Pirates of Pompeii. This set is perfect for children aged 9+ who are studying the Romans or Roman Britain.

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Titles in this set:
  • The Thieves of Ostia
  • The Secrets of Vesuvius
  • The Pirates of Pompeii
  • The Assassins of Rome
  • The Dolphins of Laurentum
  • The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina
The Thieves of Ostia
The first in Caroline Lawrence's internationally bestselling Roman Mysteries series, re-issued with a fantastic new cover look.Flavia Gemina is a natural at solving mysteries.  
The Secrets of Vesuvius
It's the summer of AD 79 and Flavia Gemina and her friends, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus, set sail for the Bay of Naples where they are going to stay with Flavia's uncle near Pompeii.  
The Pirates of Pompeii
It is AD 79 and Mount Vesuvius has erupted, destroying Pompeii. Among the thousands of people huddled in refugee camps along the bay of Naples are Flavia Gemina and her friends, Jonathan the Jewish boy, Nubia the African slave-girl, and Lupus the mute beggar boy.  
The Assassins of Rome
Jonathan goes on a secret quest to Rome, and Flavia, Nubia and Lupus set out to find him. Their dangerous mission takes them to the Golden House of Nero where a deadly assassin is rumoured to be at work. 
The Dolphins of Laurentum
It's October AD 79. The arrival of a ragged man at the Geminus household sets in motion a series of events which take Flavia and her three friends to an opulent villa by the sea at Laurentum, a few miles south of Ostia.  
The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina
Mystery and adventure for four young detectives in Ancient Roman times . . .Flavia is suspicious of the new woman in her father's life, Cartilia Poplica.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Caroline Lawrence
ISBN 9781510102637
Collection ISBN 9781510102637
Age group 9-14
Book amount 6
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions W=13cm, H=20cm, L=8.5cm
Publisher Orion Books
Condition New
Video link No
RRP 41.94

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