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The Adventures of Tintin 8 Books Collection Set Paperback

The Adventures of Tintin 8 Books Collection Set Paperback
By Herge 8 Book Collection ISBN: 9781405206242 Product Code: B2D1067

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Titles In This Set

  1. Prisoners of the Sun
  2. The Calculus Affair
  3. Explorers on the Moon
  4. Land of Black Gold
  5. Red Rackham's Treasure
  6. Destination Moon
  7. Tintin: Seven Crystal Balls
  8. The Secret of The Unicorn

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Prisoners of the Sun

Tintin and his trusty companions Captain Haddock and Snowy, travel to Peru to rescue Professor Calculus. With the help of a young local named Zorrino, the team follow Calculus's trail over snow-capped mountains, dodging the dangers of the Amazon rainforest before managing to find the Temple of the Sun.

The Calculus Affair

Professor Calculus has invented a machine that can destroy objects with soundwaves - and it has caught the eye of the Bordurian secret services. Determined to steal the machine, they decide to kidnap Calculus and take him to Borduria when their plans are foiled.

Explorers on the Moon

Following on from Destination Moon, it finds Professor Calculus taking Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and Frank Wolff to the moon in his rocket. But things are not as they seem. Written over a decade before the Apollo 11 moon landing, Herge was very much of his time but was keen to ensure the book was as scientifically accurate as could possibly be.

Land of Black Gold

Land of Black Gold finds the world embroiled in political tensions and on the edge of warfare, while car engines are spontaneously exploding throughout the country.

Red Rackham's Treasure

Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock rent a boat -the Sirius-and set sail on a treasure hunt. But try as they might, and despite searching the bottom of the ocean and a hidden island they discover, the intrepid explorers cannot find the treasure. And yet what if it has been right under their noses for the whole time?

Destination Moon

Professor Calculus is working on a top-secret project in a state-of-the-art secure government facility. He is working to build a rocket that will transport human beings to the Moon. But who will he take with him on this historic journey? Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy of course!0

Tintin: Seven Crystal Balls

A team of European archaeologists and scientists return from Peru with the mummy of Inca Rascar Capac. But then, one by one, the members of the expedition are struck down by a mysterious illness. Shards of crystal are found beside each victim. Will Tintin crack the case before it's too late?0

The Secret of The Unicorn

At a market Tintin stumbles across a model ship and buys it as a gift for his friend Captain Haddock. Strange events begin to unfold. Tintin's flat is ransacked and a mysterious collector seems determined to buy the model ship, which turns out to contain a clue to a long lost treasure.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Herge
ISBN 9781405206242
Collection ISBN No
Age group 9-14
Book amount 8
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions No
Publisher Egmont
Condition New
Video link No
RRP 63.92