Secret Kingdom Series 4 and 5 - 8 Books Box Set (19-26)

Secret Kingdom Series 4 and 5 - 8 Books Box Set (19-26)
By Rosie Banks 8 Book Collection ISBN: 9781408353134 Product Code: B2D0063

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Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are three best friends on an adventure to stop Queen Malice and her naughty storm sprites! They must use magic and their loyal companion Trixi the Pixie to ensure the magical kingdom is safe once again!

Titles in the Set

  1. Puppy Fun
  2. Magic Seal
  3. Glitter Bird
  4. Rainbow Lion
  5. Emerald unicorn
  6. Sapphire Spell
  7. Diamond Wings
  8. Ruby Riddle

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Puppy Fun

Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are delighted to meet the adorable Animal Keepers of the Secret Kingdom, who spread fun, friendship, kindness and bravery throughout the land. But when Queen Malice casts an evil spell to reverse their powers, it's up to the girls to find the Puppy Keeper and reunite him with his magical charm - before fun is lost from the kingdom forever!

Magic Seal

The Snowy Seas are home to the Ice Mermaids, who love and care for all the animals that live there. But something's made the mermaids cruel and unkind - it must be Queen Malice's spell! Can Summer, Ellie and Jasmine find the Seal Keeper and return her kindness charm before the mermaids' kind nature is lost forever?

Glitter Bird

The students at the Pixie Flying School are arguing all the time and have forgotten how to be friends... It must be the work of Queen Malice! Ellie, Summer and Jasmine have to find the magical Bird Keeper and reunite her with the friendship charm to make everyone friends again - but how will they manage it when even they can't get along?

Rainbow Lion

Ellie, Summer and Jasmine have found three of the Animal Keepers, but the magical lion is still missing - and no one is brave enough to stand up to Queen Malice while his power is reversed! Can the three friends overcome their fears and return the bravery charm to the Lion Keeper, before the evil queen takes over the Secret Kingdom once and for all?

Emerald Unicorn

When Ellie, Summer and Jasmine receive an urgent message from King Merry saying that Queen Malice has taken over the Secret Kingdom, they know that this will be their most important adventure yet! The girls must find four magical jewels to create a new crown for the king - but how will they find the emerald when the entire kingdom is under the queen's wicked spell?

Sapphire Spell

A brand-new adventure awaits Ellie, Summer and Jasmine in the Secret Kingdom!Queen Malice has taken over the Secret Kingdom and trapped King Merry in the dungeons at Thunder Castle! With the help of the water nymphs, Ellie, Summer and Jasmine must find the magical sapphire, but will the pesky Storm Sprites get there first

Diamond Wings

A brand-new adventure awaits Ellie, Summer and Jasmine in the Secret Kingdom!
With Queen Malice in charge of the Secret Kingdom, the beautiful winged horses that look after the diamond trees are in trouble... Can the girls free their flying friends and find the magical royal diamond before the kingdom loses its sparkle forever?

Ruby Riddle

A brand-new adventure awaits Ellie, Summer and Jasmine in the Secret Kingdom! Ellie, Summer and Jasmine have one jewel left to find! But Queen Malice is determined to take the magical ruby for herself. The girls must summon all of their courage and solve the ruby's riddle...before the Secret Kingdom is lost to the evil queen forever.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Rosie Banks
ISBN 9781408353134
Collection ISBN 9781408353134
Age group 7-9
Book amount 8
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions No
Publisher Orchard Books
Condition New
Video link No
RRP 39.92

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