Ready for Reading 10 Book Collection

Ready for Reading 10 Book Collection
10 Book Collection ISBN: 9781848698123 Product Code: B2D1103

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Ready for Reading makes learning to read fun!

Each book includes activities to reinforce new skills.

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Ready for Reading Level 1

For first readers!

  • short, straightforward sentences.
  • basic, fun vocabulary.
  • easy-to-follow stories of up to 100 words.
  • large print and easy-to-read design.

Can't Sleep, Dotty?

Dotty has tried everything. But she just cannot sleep. Soon all her friends are trying to help her. But will anything work...?

My Turn!

When Oscar and Tilly go to the playground, they find it hard to take turns. Will the two friends work out a way to play together?

Rosie's Special Surprise

Nosy Rosie likes to know everything about everything. So when Daddy Rabbit plans a special surprise, she hops off to look for it. Whatever could it be?


Fred has a new little door. It is called a cat flap. But Fred knows that Horrible Harry is waiting outside, ready to pounce...!

What Bear Likes Best!

Bear really likes to have fun. But all his friends are busy and he keeps getting in the way! Will it ever be time to play?

Ready for Reading Level 2

For developing readers!

  • longer sentences.
  • simple vocabulary, introducing new words.
  • longer stories of up to 200 words.
  • bold design, to capture readers' interest.


Hedgehog is about to go to sleep when OUCH! an apple lands on her back! Will her friends be able to help her?


Newton keeps hearing funny noises! "Don't be scared!" he tells his toys. And he sets off in the dark to find out what is making the scary sounds.

Hopping Mad!

Fred has five frogs. Finn has five frogs. And when ten frogs get together, it's party time! But Fred and Finn are not so sure...

The Wish Cat

Holly wants a cute little kitten more than anything else in the world. But when she wishes on a star, she ends up with a scruffy cat instead!

Where There's A Bear There's Trouble!

Where there's a bee there's honey! So when Bear spies a bee, he chases after it. But, where there's a bear, there's trouble. So the bee buzzes off as fast as it can...!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author No
ISBN 9781848698123
Collection ISBN No
Age group 0-5
Book amount 10
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions No
Publisher Little Tiger
Condition No
Video link No
RRP 49.9

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