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Isaac Asimov Collection 6 Books Set by - Young Adult - Paperback

SKU: B2D2457 ISBN: 9789124369095
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Titles in this set:

1) Foundation
2) Prelude to Foundation
3) Foundation and Earth
4) Foundation's Edge
5) Second Foundation
6) Foundation and Empire


The Galactic Empire has prospered for twelve thousand years. Nobody suspects that the heart of the thriving Empire is rotten.

Prelude to Foundation
In a time before the Foundations, psychohistory s creator Hari Seldon is made to stand before the Emperor of the crumbling Galactic.

Foundation and Earth
Faced with determining the fate of the galaxy, Golan Trevizehesitantly chose to hand over the rule of the galaxy to planet Gaia.

Foundation's Edge
After a long war which saw the First Foundation emerge victorious, the Second Foundation is now believed to be extinct.

Second Foundation
The First Foundation has been defeated, crushed by the formidable mental powers of the Mule.

Foundation and Empire
The First Foundation survived two centuries of barbarism as the once-mighty Galactic Empire descended into chaos.