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David Walliams Children Picture Book Collection 5 Books Illustrated By Tony Ross Deluxe - Ages 0-5 - Hardback

SKU: B2D2237 ISBN: 9789124368951
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A triumphant mix of wit and warmth - Telegraph Books of the Year

A new Roald Dahl - The Times

Another triumph for David Walliams. His books are a breath of wonderful fresh air - The Sun

Perfect for fans of David Walliams and Picture Books

The set includes:

1. There's a Snake in my School
Warning! There is a Snake in this book! Miranda loves to be different, and on Bring-your-pet-to-school Day she introduces everyone to her very different pet...Penelope the Snake. Miss Bloat the headmistress doesn't think snakes should be allowed in school. But Penelope has other ideas…
Penelope transforms into various forms to entertain the children of Miranda’s class, including a climbing frame, numbers and fireman’s pole.

2. The Bear Who Went Boo!
In a huge plain of icy land far away from human civilization, lives a cute little polar bear. He was very small in size but let that not to fool you, his roar is great and mighty! And he is not afraid to use his roar to scare other animals bigger than him.
WARNING! This book will make you JUMP! At the top of the world, surrounded by snow and ice, lives a very cheeky polar bear cub who loves to go BOO But this little bear cub doesn’t always know when to stop…

3. The First Hippo On The Moon
Sheila is a hippo with great ideas and aspirations, she aims to be the first hippo to land on the moon. This is a first for a hippo space adventure, Sheila is unexpectedly faced with a dilemma to go toe to toe against Hercules Waldorf-Franklin 111 - another hippo but a very wealthy one to be the first hippo to land on the moon.
Two big hippos. One ENORMOUS dream. Who can make it to the moon first 3...2...1 ... BLAST OFF!

4. Boogie Bear
Faraway in the North Pole, there lives a massive fluffy and cute polar bear, life was going great until one day as she fell asleep, upon waking from her nap she finds herself on a strange land, unfamiliar sights and definitely a habitat obscure and unknown from the usual North Pole. Things get worse and she misses the days of swimming, fishing and eating her favourite foods.

5. The Slightly Annoying Elephant
Sam filled a form at the zoo to adopt an elephant, Sam did this just for fun and to his bewilderment… one day an elephant, a real life humongous blue elephant arrives at Sam's house and tells Sam he is here to stay! The elephant gets too comfortable at Sam's house, and as he stays for longer he becomes very troublesome, asking for more and more food, creating havoc in the house and hogging the TV. Sam regrets his decision, and the elephant becomes a huge problem.

David Walliams presents this fantastic 5 hardback book collection of picture books. This set includes There's a Snake in my School, The Slightly Annoying Elephant, Boogie Bear, The First Hippo on the Moon and The Bear who went Boo. This is the perfect collection for David Walliams fans and kids aged 0-5. This set includes beautiful illustrations from Tony Ross.

About the author: David Walliams is one of the most beloved authors in children's books, since the year 2000. Bringing laughter and cheerful moments to over 35 million children globally! That is how many books Walliams has sold and his work has even been translated into over 53 languages. His works Ratburger, Demon Dentist, Awful Auntie have won the National Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year, Walliams is often compared with Roald Dahl in their similar approach to comedy in their writing. His first novel The Boy in the Dress published in 2008 propelled his career as children's author, in the story it follows a 12 year old boy aspiring to be a football player, yet his twist of abominable jokes and cross-dressing makes the story fun and it became a bestseller in Britain. Other works that followed include Mr. Stink, Billionaire Boy and Gangsta Granny were also successful works of his and brought delight to many children around the world.