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Spirit Riding Free - Abigail's Diary

SKU: 9781405299190 ISBN: 9781405299190
Discover the world of DreamWorks Animation's new series, Spirit Riding Free. Written in diary form, meet Abigail Stone as she explores the world of Spirit with her best friends Lucky and Pru! Dear Diary, Can you believe Lucky, Pru, and I finally made it to our first Frontier Fillies Jamboree? It's going to be three whole days of riding, bonding, and tons of Fillies traditions! There are badges we can earn, but there's one prize I'm most excited for ... the Hungerford Heart. At the end of the Jamboree, everyone votes to give the trophy to the herd of Fillies who best uphold Frontier Fillies values. I KNOW my herd deserves it, but I don't know if we stand a chance. My annoying little brother, Snips, has shown up, and he's about to ruin EVERYTHING! Wish us luck! Abigail