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KS3 Maths 2019: Core Book 1 : Second Edition

SKU: 9781292280059 ISBN: 9781292280059
Maths Progress (Second Edition) Core Textbook 1 develops reasoning, fluency and problem-solving to boost students' confidence at Key Stage 3 and give them the best preparation for progressing to GCSE study. Purposefully updated based on feedback from thousands of teachers and students, as well as academic research and impact studies Built on a well-paced, structured core curriculum and established pedagogy you can use with your whole cohort Shown to help KS3 students master maths with confidence with a UK-specific approach that draws upon global best practices and cutting-edge research Tried-and-tested differentiation with a unique unit structure and 'Support' and 'Depth' books to support every student's progress Even more key skills-building support, problem-solving, and meaningful practice to consolidate learning, deepen understanding and build connections across topics Bolsters progression to GCSE with updated questions that reflect the latest assessments and a format that seamlessly aligns with our GCSE Maths courses Also available in the series: Support Books that provide scaffolding and support on key concepts for each unit in the Core Textbook Depth Books that deepen students' understanding of key concepts for each unit in the Core Textbook Purposeful Practice Books fully aligned to the course and based on cutting-edge approaches such as minimal variation and small steps to help students make the most of practice.