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Up to 10% Off With Multi-Buy Discounts + 10% Cashback


Books for Young Adults

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Young Adult books are a perfect transition from children’s books and are extremely popular. Our impressive selection of books aimed at young adults features some of the most talked about and bestselling books around. There are award-winning titles, bingeworthy box sets and just about every genre you can think of. With the rise of ‘booktubers’ and ‘booktok’ using YouTube and TikTok, there is a community of bloggers and influencers who are constantly talking about their passion for their favourite novels and thus created a huge community. #Shelfie! Their influence and interests help us to make sure that we’ve got the books that people really want!

When it comes to exceptional books at affordable prices, that still applies to young adult titles and with some of the most bingeworthy box sets around, it’s time to stock up. We’ve got everything that’s been on the big screen, but remember the book probably came first! From hit Netflix titles from the likes of Bridgerton, You, Alex Rider to Shadow & Bone – there are some impressive sets just waiting to be read. Those seeking dark mystery, romance, fantasy worlds or good old-fashioned drama will be spoilt for choice in the hand-picked selection for young adults. With the increased popularity among Young Adult or YA books, we’re always topping up our broad range to keep readers coming back for more. Books in this age category can also explore more serious topics such as anxiety or mental wellbeing, so readers can use these as a useful resource.