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Up to 10% Off With Multi-Buy Discounts + 10% Cashback


Non-Fiction Books for Ages 9-14

The endless list of benefits of reading Non-Fiction is that it teaches you the function of the world, including people’s behaviour which children can quickly learn to adapt to. The advantages of Non-Fiction books are that it focuses more intellectually, logically and analytically. Thus, improving your skills to better prepare you for your studies, career and life skills. Non-Fiction literature gives children a chance to peek into the world around us and explore unknown places like cultures, animals and other countries. It helps children deepen their background knowledge and Non-Fiction can satisfy a child’s curiosity and the types of books we have are endless! Whether you’re looking for biographies of your role model, study guides for school, or books of facts we have many to choose from. 

In this group, we have Sharie Coombes Mindful Kids 4 Activity Books, this set is ideal for those who may be facing some difficulty in their social life adapting in school or are feeling tense and stressed. The 4 books cover activities and exercises that tackle feelings of being bullied, teased, overwhelmed and there are other creative activities that tackle problems with fear, phobias and negative feelings. We also have The Young Oxford History of Britain and Ireland 5 Book Collection which highlights some of the key historical facts and figures including medieval kingdoms, empire and industry with supporting detailed images and historical maps. Also browse our Non-Fiction category for more great books. We select books that we know your children will fall in love with, from treasured classics to the latest must-have series.