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Ladybird Keywords 36 Books - Ages 7-9 - Hardback

by Penguin
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The Ladybird Keywords 36 Books, is great for kids ages 7-9, you will find that this set is just the perfect item to help your kids develop essential reading skills, particularly important words. Ladybird Books is based in London, it is a publishing company among other companies within the Penguin Group. In present days, Ladybird is one of the most established and well-known publishers, and the company actually dates back all the way to 1867, and its origin was based in Leicestershire by the store founder Henry Wills. Wills found success through his shop and over the years, he began printing guidebooks. After 10 years had passed, William Hepworth joined the team in 1904 and established Wills & Hepworth. In the years to come, the brand logo had many transformations with the latest being a ladybird with closed wings and visible eyes at the top. The success of Ladybird really flourished in 1971, the brand was recognised widespread throughout Britain. Ladybird’s Key Words Reading Scheme was published in 1964 and was commonly implemented in primary schools throughout Britain, the books were easily understood by kids around the nation due to its simplified language use and reduced vocabulary. Much of the books are portrayed as British families as children study and parents go about their day at work and doing chores in their household. Did you know that the classic original Ladybird books were in fact hardback and pocket sized! They measured 4.5 by 7 inches with 56 pages which could all be fit into a single sheet of large paper before it is cut up and processed, making the original classic books to be the most economical way of printing and publishing! 

In 1914, Wills & Hepworth eventually went on to publish children's books and that is where the exciting journey began of publishing kids’ books. 

Key Words with Peter and Jane is a highly trusted bestselling reading scheme using high frequency words in the English language as a foundation to reading successfully. With the help of Peter and Jane, key words are introduced, practiced and developed through the levels. The fail-safe reading scheme.

With nearly 100 million copies sold worldwide, Key Words with Peter and Jane has successfully helped generations of children learn to read. 100 Key Words make up half of all those we read and write. This essential vocabulary is carefully introduced, practised and developed throughout the scheme.

There are 12 levels, each with 3 books: a, b, and c.

Series a: Gradually introduces new words

Series b: Provides further practise of words featured in the 'a' series

Series c: Links reading with writing and phonics. All the words that have been introduced in each 'a' and 'b' book are also reinforced in the 'c' books

Titles in This Set:

  • Play with us 1a
  • Look at this 1b
  • Read and write 1c
  • We have fun 2a
  • Have a go 2b
  • I like to write 2c
  • Things we like 3a
  • Boys and girls 3b
  • Let me write 3c
  • Things we do 4a
  • Fun at the farm 4b
  • Say the sound 4c
  • Where we go 5a
  • Out in the sun 5b
  • More sounds to say 5c
  • Our friends 6a
  • We like to help 6b
  • Reading with sounds 6c
  • Happy holiday 7a
  • Fun and games 7b
  • Easy to sound 7c
  • Sunny days 8a
  • The big house 8b
  • Fun with sounds 8c
  • Games we like 9a
  • Jump from the sky 9b
  • Enjoying reading 9c
  • Adventure on the island 10a
  • Adventure at the castle 10b
  • Learning is fun 10c
  • Mystery on the island 11a
  • The carnival 11b
  • Books are exciting 11c
  • The holiday camp mystery 12a
  • Mountain adventure 12b
  • The open door to reading 12c

With an incredible 36 books to choose from but the good news is these books are in levels so you and your child can gradually work your way through. Some titles might stand out to you from previous reading with a sibling, your own childhood or you’ve had your eye on it in the library. It’s also very likely that these classics are being used in primary schools so they could be on your child’s reading list. Better yet, your little one might choose the first book themselves, in that case - you’re off to a great start! All of these titles are familiar favourites in one way or another when it comes to your child’s daily routine or experiences. These vary from going on holiday to simply playing out in the sun. Each book is a bite-sized read that will be perfect to enjoy before bed or for a little downtime. These hardback famous books, aimed at children aged 7-9 really encourage their imagination to come to life and spur on their inquisitive minds. Expect your child to ask all sorts of questions about the wonderful possibilities that are being told or from what they see before them through the colourful illustrations in each story.

Following the friendly pair, Peter and Jane in these fabulously fiction books which use the ‘Look and Say’ method when it comes to approaching independent reading. Not only does this build their confidence as readers, it’s great for their phonics too. Peter and Jane books are iconic nostalgic books with beautiful artwork, that can be shared with children and read by those with a good grounding in reading. These books contain the top 100 Key or common words used in everyday reading and writing. This essential vocabulary is carefully introduced, practised and developed throughout the 12 levels in this box set.

Each one of these 36 kids’ books prompt children to consider their own emotions, those of others, to question experiences and adventures while introducing them to all kinds of new characters that they may see elsewhere in other books. The box set is packed with stories that help to explain a moral or social value that can be explained to children, including themes of kindness, inclusion and friendship that can be applied to their own way of thinking as they grow up. There is, of course, plenty of adventure too!

Ladybird has brought people together with special books and words that are especially meaningful for children, it encourages learning, and exciting exploration of books.

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