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Home Learning Books

Growing up amidst books is a wonderful thing. Having easy access to books in one’s living space has umpteen benefits, not just for kids but also adults. If you can, maintaining a small home library in your living area can make sure your kids develop an affinity towards books. There are several types of books that you can expose your child to, at different stages of their development— home education packs, home-schooling books, or simply children’s story books designed for their cognitive growth. We recommend that parents ensure such an environment for their kids, and for good reason. 

The more you expose your kids to books, the more it will cut their screen time. Secondly, age-appropriate books (we have specific collections for kids aged 0-5, right up to age 14) will help your child’s cognitive development. You may also be able to get them to develop an early interest in science, math, or literature which might help them find their calling in life. It helps enhance your vocabulary, reduces stress, helps lower your blood pressure, and even helps you manage your emotions better. Reading before bed helps you prepare for a better night’s sleep whilst electric devices with screens emit light that could potentially hurt your sleep pattern. Need we go on about the benefits of home-learning books, home-schooling, reading, and just children’s books in general? 

Now that you know why home learning is good for your kids, here are some of the best home-schooling books for your home library. If you have an infant or toddler and you want to expose your child to early reading the Biff, Chip and Kipper Phonics Stories & Activities: Read with Oxford Stages (1-3) 6 Books Collection Set - Roderick Hunt Ages 0-5 may be just the book you are looking for. Each book has two engaging stories, ideal for children who are developing early reading skills. These activity books are packed to the brim with fun phonics activities and stickers linked to the stories, at just the right level for your child. The book also has word games, colouring, puzzles, rhymes, matching, and more, that make reading, writing, and spelling fun. 

If you have kids aged 4 plus them you might want to invest in the Billie B Brown Early Readers Anniversary Collection 23 Books by Sally Rippin - Age 4+. The Billie B Brown series includes 23 books and is carefully designed with simpler words, easy-on-the-eyes fonts, attractive art, and illustrations; for early readers. The Billle B series is the perfect bridging series to move young children from picture books to chapter books.

If you have kids ages 5 and up, you can invest in the Usborne Beginners Science 10 Books Collection Set - Ages 5-7. This book set will help your child develop an early interest in science. It may help your child develop a passion for the subject and may even make them discover their calling or career. 

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