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At the age of 9-14, children are developing quickly and this is the stage where they become teenagers and they start to have a better grasp of complex ideas and topic, and they themselves may be going through interesting phases emotionally, physically and with the help of books, young guys and girls can continue to develop their language and emotional intelligence through fiction stories. It is said that reading fiction titles may hone and strengthen several cognitive muscles, that are the root of EQ, and some suggests that reading fiction may have benefits that nonfiction do not for instance increased social acuity and comprehension of other peoples emotion and motivations, a necessary skill to form relationships with other people and connecting with various groups.

We have The Adventure Series 8 Book Collection, with mysteries and secrets hidden in each individual tales within the Sea, Castles, Valleys, Mountains, Ships and more. We also have The Master Storyteller 8 Book Set – with books written by one of the most popular authors of modern times Michael Morpurgo, and in this collection, you can read about fantastic heart-warming stories like Kensuke’s Kingdom, War Horse, Long Way Home and many more! We select books that we know your children will fall in love with, from treasured classics to the latest must-have series. With our extensive range of authors and genres, there is something for every child, from reluctant readers to eager bookworms.