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Deliveries might be delayed - Free deliveries over £30

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At Ages 7-9, children have developed a fantastic range of vocabulary and are able to comprehend sophisticated storylines and topics. With this in mind, a new world of classic books, the latest collection is open to them and it’s a wonderful time to be exploring more books that suit their interests. Let your children continue to develop their language skills by introducing books from this category. There are numerous marvellous benefits of reading, including improving memory and focus, enhancing imagination, boosting sleep quality, lowering stress and many more brilliant benefits children can gain from reading.

In this range, we have The Chronicles of Narnia 7 Book Box Set ideal for fantasy lovers, stepping into this magical world with a beautiful tale, mystical beasts and a timeless classic set of books which has influenced many for over 50 years. We also have Marcia Williams Comic Strip Classics of the Ancient World which dives in deep into the mysterious world of history with its many secrets and hidden gems. This book set talks about the Roman Gods, emperors and you can learn about it in a funny retelling story. Other books include Ancient Egypt, tales of Gods and Pharaohs, Noah’s Ark and its important Bible stories, Greek myths. Here at Books2Door, we want to encourage a love of reading in all children. That's why we have been offering exceptional books at affordable prices since 2004. Explore our other fiction books by clicking on Fiction Books.