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Get 12 Months of Free Delivery with Books2Door PLUS+ from £6.95
Get 12 Months of Free Delivery with Books2Door PLUS+ from £6.95


Books for £40+

In this collection, you can find our books at the price of £40 and over which can be sorted into authors and age groups on the left-hand side. At Books2Door, we are passionate in providing the very best quality products and service to our readers, and we want children around the world to have an early start in their reading journey! This is what we believe in, and that is why we devotedly seek to provide the best value and affordability in our books.

Grouped below, you can find The Complete Adventures of Tintin 8 Books, where Tintin takes you on an astonishing journey across the lands from the land of Soviets and America, and taking you to find the deepest treasures and journey into space. The story by Herge is an icon and an extraordinary classic which was a popular series in the 20th century in Europe. We have The Witcher Series 8 Books which are a great set for Young Adults, a recent franchise that made it big on TV is about Geralt – a man with magical powers enhanced by arduous training made him the ideal fighter and assassin which targets varied monsters and evil fiends that ravage and assaults the innocent. For the football and sports fans, we have the Ultimate and Classic Football heroes 20 Books. This set includes individual books which talks about each player and how their career developed from a young to be star. Players include Ronaldo that talks about how he was struck with an illness during the 1998 World Cup final to coming back and beating Germany in the 2002 final and continued on to becoming one of the most recognised strikers of all time. Other respected players include Messi, Neymar, Kane, Beckham. Our friendly team is on hand to ensure that your shopping experience with us is enjoyable and hassle-free. Talk to us on our social media channels!