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We have the Anthologies category in this section, Anthologies are collections of smaller works, these can be short works of art, poems and shorter stories. Anthologies can consist of an amalgamation of various authors which follow a particular genre, or a single piece of short stories by the same author. An anthology book is a collection of short stories or fiction works and can often focus on a particular theme or genre. Authors can participate to be a part of an anthology book, which can help the author get into the world of publishing their story with less effort. In this wonderful category of Anthologies, we have tons of delightful titles such as Christmas Poems, Mrs Pepperpot Stories, Poems to Live Your Life By and First Fairy Tales

Anthologies or these special excerpts can revolve around specific themes which makes each title unique and different from other books, such as areas on pets, christmas, sports, certain occupations like athletes or nurses, the list goes on and will open the minds to the readers. Anthologies may also follow certain guidelines before publishing, such as multiple drafts may be submitted before the final approval. The writing style may follow a certain guideline, the publisher then creates the guidelines for the printing, graphic design, illustrations and distributing it. Anthologies can incorporate many talented authors who are just starting out, when the book becomes a popular title and well known, then the author who was a part of the story can bring themselves brand awareness. An anthology project may prove beneficial for several authors to work together on, the anthology piece can act as almost like a business card for the authors to become famous. Particularly if the author is trying to break into a new market or a subject that they are new to, working together on an anthology piece can really strengthen their career in that area in the beginning. Anthologies can also act like a sample or marketing strategy to showcase the writing style and skills of the author, readers who may be unfamiliar with the author can learn to love about the author writing style which then brings the reader to research more into the author who wrote that segment. At Books2Door, we love providing kids with the best and affordable books, be sure to browse our Classic Fiction and Popular section for more remarkable titles.