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Get 10% cashback + £5 for referring us

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Children at this age of 7-9 are developing confidence and can independently decide what they choose to read. Here at Books2Door, we encourage the love of reading for all children, so we ensure our collection is carefully selected so we can fill the interests across all readers. If your child has passed the stage of reading ages 5-7 titles then it is time to let them explore this category list!

To guide your children along their reading journey, we have positive and influential characters like Amelia Fang, Sherlock Holmes, Ash Ketchum, Percy Jackson, Shaun the Sheep, Shakespeare and the Roald Dahl series. From treasured classics to the latest must haves, it is important to keep an eye on what our children are reading and learning, and we must assure our children are growing up to be intelligent and full of wisdom. Your children will be facing a lot of challenges at school and homework, this is why we also stock the Bond Maths and English Assessment Books too. The more your children read the better they will perform academically as they develop, encouraging the love of reading with us at Books2Door!