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What's new at Books2Door?

What's new at Books2Door?

At Books2Door, we're committed to bringing you the latest and greatest books for all ages and interests. Whether you're an avid reader or shopping for a young bookworm, we have something for everyone. In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce some of our exciting new titles and provide recommendations for your reading pleasure. From thrilling fiction series to delightful cookbooks and manga sets, there's something here for every book lover.

In the Boys of Tommen series by Chloe Walsh, Shannon Lynch's life has been a relentless battle against torment and bullying. Seeking solace and a fresh start, she enrols at Tommen College, yearning to leave her painful past behind. But from her very first day, she encounters the enigmatic Johnny Kavanagh, a name synonymous with notoriety.

As Shannon grapples with her complex feelings for Johnny and strives to keep a low profile, she once again becomes the target of bullies. In the midst of it all, an unlikely alliance forms between her and the rising star of the rugby team.

Their friendship is a tangled web of emotions, complicated further by the undeniable chemistry between Johnny and Shannon. Throughout the Boys of Tommen series, these two characters must confront a series of obstacles that threaten to unravel their budding relationship. With raw emotion and gripping storytelling, Chloe Walsh explores the challenges, trials, and tribulations that test the limits of Johnny and Shannon's connection.

Manga enthusiasts, get ready for an epic adventure with the Jujutsu Kaisen series. This action-packed manga set is filled with supernatural battles, intricate plot twists, and memorable characters. With stunning artwork and a thrilling narrative, this series is a must-have for manga lovers.


The Jujutsu Kaisen manga series takes readers on an exhilarating journey into a world where curses and supernatural creatures threaten humanity. Follow the story of Yuji Itadori, a high school student who stumbles upon a cursed

object and becomes entangled in a secret world of jujutsu sorcerers. To save his friends and humanity from malevolent curses, Yuji joins a group of skilled sorcerers in battles that blend intense action, dark themes, and intricate magic systems. With compelling characters and a gripping plot, Jujutsu Kaisen is a thrilling manga series that explores the cost of power and the relentless fight against the forces of darkness.

If you're in the mood for a heartwarming contemporary and fluffy romance, the Lynn Painter series is a delightful choice. These books explore the complexities of love and relationships with humour and authenticity. Better than the Movies by Lynn Painter is a heartwarming contemporary romance novel that tells the story of Liz Buxbaum, a high school senior with an unrequited crush on her best friend, Wes. To cope with her unfulfilled feelings, Liz creates a list of romantic movie-inspired moments she hopes to experience. However, life takes unexpected turns as Liz navigates her feelings, friendships, and family dynamics. This charming and relatable story explores the complexities of love and the idea that sometimes real-life romance can surpass even the most enchanting moments on the big screen. Painter's writing is witty, poignant, and filled with heartfelt moments, perfect for those who love the “enemies-to-lovers” trope.

Are you looking to add some new and delicious recipes to your kitchen repertoire?

Look no further than the Pinch of Nom book series. Packed with healthy and flavorful dishes, these cookbooks are perfect for those wanting to maintain a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Explore a world of culinary delights and discover your new favourite recipes.

In these invaluable planners, each book is more than just a collection of recipes; it's a strategic guide to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. With expertly curated weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and ample space for personal notes, these planners empower you to take control of your diet.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain a balanced lifestyle, or simply enjoy wholesome and delicious meals, the Pinch of Nom Food Planner series is a reliable companion on your culinary and wellness journey. It combines the authors' passion for flavorful, nutritious food with practical tools to make meal planning effortless and enjoyable, ensuring that you stay on track toward a healthier, happier you.

Step into a world of magic and enchantment with Stephanie Garber's Once Upon a Broken Heart series. This captivating fantasy series takes readers on an unforgettable adventure filled with mystery, romance, and a touch of darkness. is a captivating fantasy novel set in the enchanting world of the Caraval trilogy series. This story follows Evangeline Fox, a girl who possesses an extraordinary ability: she can call forth true love. When Evangeline's heart is broken, she makes a dangerous deal with the enigmatic Prince of Hearts to mend it, setting in motion a mesmerising and perilous journey.

Garber weaves a tale filled with intrigue, magic, and romance. Readers will be entranced by the whimsical setting and the intricate game of hearts where nothing is as it seems. As Evangeline navigates a world of dangerous bargains and cunning characters, she must unravel the mysteries of her own heart and the enigmatic Prince.

With beautifully crafted worlds and intriguing characters, it's a series that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

For those who love a blend of epic enemies-to-lovers fantasy and romance, the Letters of Enchantment duology by Rebecca Ross is a must-read. 

In the enthralling Letters of Enchantment series, love emerges amidst magical

forces and a divine war that threatens to consume all. Two young rival journalists find an unexpected connection that plunges them into a battle among gods, with their love hanging in the balance.

At the heart of the conflict is Iris Winnow, an eighteen-year-old determined to keep her family together in a world torn apart by addiction and war. Her lifeline is winning the coveted columnist promotion at the Oath Gazette.

To cope with her fears and loneliness, Iris writes heartfelt letters to her missing brother, which mysteriously disappear beneath her wardrobe door, only to reappear in the hands of Roman Kitt, her handsome yet cold rival at the paper. An anonymous exchange of words sparks a connection that transcends boundaries, propelling Iris into a journey that leads her to the front lines of a battle that holds the fate of humanity and love itself.

For fans of the popular video game series Five Nights at Freddy's, we have a special treat for you. Dive deeper into the chilling and mysterious world of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaplex with this collection of eight books by Scott Cawthon. These stories will send shivers down your spine as you uncover the dark secrets of the animatronic characters and the horrors that await within the Pizzaplex.

These books expand upon the lore and backstory of the FNAF universe, providing a deeper understanding of the haunted animatronics and the sinister events that have taken place in the series. They are known for their suspenseful storytelling and their ability to capture the eerie atmosphere of the games.

Introduce your little ones to the charming world of Eric Carle with this delightful

box set. Packed with beloved characters and colourful illustrations, these mini-books are perfect for young readers. Share the joy of reading and imagination with your children as they explore the adventures of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other beloved characters. Flip the books over to see each little book create one big picture! 

These board books are a fantastic choice for young children due to their durability and sturdiness. Unlike regular paperbacks, board books are designed to withstand the wear and tear that often comes with little hands and curious minds. Their thick, cardboard-like pages can endure drooling, chewing, and even the occasional toss across the room without getting easily damaged. This robust construction ensures that board books can last through multiple children and still be in great condition.

Dive into the delightful world of Dolly Alderton with the Good Material & Everything I Know About Love 2 Books Collection. In this enchanting duo of memoirs, Alderton shares her candid and witty insights on life, love, and growing up in the digital age. Everything I Know About Love is a heartfelt exploration of friendship, romance, and the pursuit of self-discovery, while Good Material offers a brilliant collection of Alderton's essays that touch on the intricacies of modern relationships, culture, and personal growth. 

With her sharp humour and relatable storytelling, Dolly Alderton invites readers to laugh, cry, and reflect on the universal experiences that shape us. These books are a must-read for anyone seeking wisdom, humour, and a heartfelt connection to the ups and downs of adulthood.

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben is a gripping thriller that unravels the intricacies of

memory, deception, and the haunting secrets of the past. The story follows Maya Burkett, an ex-Army helicopter pilot who is grappling with the tragic death of her husband in what appears to be a random act of violence. But when Maya spots her deceased husband on her nanny cam, alive and well, she plunges into a harrowing journey to uncover the truth.

As Maya delves deeper into the mystery, she becomes entangled in a web of secrets, betrayals, and unexpected alliances. Coben's masterful storytelling keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they navigate a labyrinth of twists and turns.

Notably, Fool Me Once has been adapted into a screen hit featuring Michelle Keegan, who brings Maya's character to life on the small screen. This thrilling page-turner and its successful adaptation are a testament to Harlan Coben's ability to craft suspenseful narratives that captivate both readers and viewers alike.

At Books2Door, we’re excited to bring you these new and captivating titles that span various genres and age groups. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures, heartwarming romances, delicious recipes, or captivating manga, we have something to satisfy every reader's appetite. Don't miss out on these fantastic reads, and be sure to explore our website for even more exciting titles and book collections. Happy reading!

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