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Up to 10% Off With Multi-Buy Discounts + 10% Cashback
Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up, and you’ll want to make sure you get your maternal unit something she’ll love - or you want some ideas of what to tell your kids to get you! Flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed, all of these things are well and good, but the day would be nothing without some fantastic books to read.

Don’t worry, alongside our extensive range of children’s books for readers of all abilities, we offer a great selection of bestsellers for adults, and some YA reads you’ll love too. We’ve got long series to get stuck into, from the books behind hit TV shows like Bridgerton and Poldark to beloved family sagas like Dilly Court and the Ration Book series. We’ve got classic romances like Jane Austen and more recent hits like the After series. Whether it’s blowing up on BookTok or a perennial bestseller, you’ll find it in the guide below.

The Sweet Magnolias Series by Sherryl Woods

From the masters of romance Mills & Boon and the prolific Sherryl Woods, Sweet Magnolias is the phenomenon that inspired the hit Netflix series. Now, you can get a bumper pack of ten books from the series at over 70% off. The Sweet Magnolias Series 10 Book Collection is the perfect fix for someone who wants their next addictive read.

When Maddie has to restart her life following her divorce, she finally pursues her business dreams with Helen and Dana Sue. However, when her son’s football coach falls for her, she faces the disapproval of the entire town. Not to mention problems with her children and the appearance of her ex-husband’s pregnant girlfriend. She may live in the beautiful town of Serenity, but will Maddie ever find some?

That’s just the beginning of this bestselling saga, with every book exploring the town and its people from a new perspective - and each book showcasing a new romance! Settle down into your favourite seat and make a big cup of tea - Sweet Magnolias will make your Sunday slip away. Take a look at our romance books for more book sets that will sweep you off your feet.

The Brighton Mysteries by Elly Griffiths

The multi-award-winning Elly Griffiths has sold over 3 million books and has made the Sunday Times Bestsellers chart nineteen times and counting. She is best known for the gripping Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries. However, you mustn’t miss out on The Brighton Mysteries, which are set in her hometown. The books star DI Stephens and magician Max Mephisto, with the first four set in the 1950s at the end of variety theatre. Each mystery intertwines the worlds of stage illusions and murder with a beguiling mix of humour and suspense.

The series also comes with significant critical praise. The Guardian said of The Zig Zag Girl: “with a labyrinthine plot, a splendid reveal and superb evocation of the wafer-thin veneer of glamour at the bottom end of showbusiness, this is thoroughly enjoyable.” 

The Brighton Mysteries 5 Books Collection is available at 66% off RRP, and is an excellent gift for fans of the 50s, Agatha Christie, stage magic, or simply a good, gripping mystery. Find more crime, thrillers and mystery books in our dedicated section.

The Poldark Series by Winston Graham

Many fans mourned the ending of the BBC Poldark series in 2019. The hit show starring Aidan Turner adapted the books with great success and critical acclaim. However, that’s not the end of the Poldark story. The Poldark Complete Series 12 Books Collection by Winston Graham, available for over 70% off RRP, gives you the original version of the story. The first seven follow Ross Poldark’s life between the ages of 23 and 40, and the last five pick up again between 50 and 60.

A young British Army officer returning home to Cornwall after the American War of Independence, Poldark finds his fiancee about to marry his cousin, having thought him dead. Now, he has to reopen a derelict copper mine to restore his fortune. The series follows Poldark and the emotional tumult of the people around him, set against the dramatic Cornish landscapes, in the seven books adapted for TV.

The series then picks up nine years later with The Stranger from the Sea. Now 50 years old, Poldark returns from a mission to assist Wellington’s army in Portugal. His son Jeremy, now nearly twenty, rescues a man from the sea. Stephen Carrington's arrival changes all of their lives, particularly that of Poldark’s daughter Clowance. The series concludes with the twelfth book Bella Poldark, the youngest daughter, Winston Graham’s final novel before his death in 2003 at the age of 95. Of all his works, Graham considered the Poldark series to be closest to his heart, and the complete collection makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.  

The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

You may know these books from the hit HBO series True Blood, but you won’t be prepared for the twists and turns of the original novels. Originally called The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the books are narrated by Sookie Stackhouse, a small town waitress with the inconvenient ability to read minds. Major cramp on your dating life. When the tall, dark, handsome Bill walks into town, and she can’t hear his thoughts, it’s like she’s found the man of her dreams. One minor problem: Bill’s a fussy eater. By which I mean he’s a vampire. When the bodies start piling up, Sookie begins to wonder whether she’s next…

This is just the first book in the lucky thirteen included in The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Collection by Charlaine Harris box set, available at 79% off RRP. Along the way, you’ll meet vampires, witches, werewolves, fairies, and all sorts of supernatural creatures. All the while, Sookie’s narration will pull you deep into the story, her feelings, and grip you to the last page. It’s great for fans of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, but fair warning - it’s much more for grown-ups than The Twilight Saga, so strictly mums only!

Happy Mother’s Day

Hopefully, you’ve found something your mum would like in this gift guide - or something you’d love your kids to get you! Remember, there’s plenty more where this came from in the Mother’s Day collection - and make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter for the latest arrivals and exclusive discounts! We’re also going live over on Instagram on 21st March, so tune in to The Book Club Live and join the conversation. Let us know what you’re getting - or what you want - for Mother’s Day over on our social media pages.

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