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It’s International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s Day!

Books2Door believes everybody has the ability to make a positive impact on the world, and as International Women’s Day is approaching on the 8th March, we want to share our thoughts about how much Women has socially, culturally, economically and politically shaped our world in a wonderful way. This day focuses on unifying, advocacy and equality, empowering all women around the globe.

We have a number of well-written titles which focuses on the many aspects of the graciousness, strength, kindness, virtue of women past and present. We have the Deborah Ellis 4 Book Collection which is a book set by the award-winning author Deborah Ellis. It tells a story of Parvana who built a new life, a life that she always dreamt of, learning and teaching in a real school and leading a happy life with her family but then she was taken away by American soldiers, as she was suspected of being a terrorist in Afghanistan. In the hopes to protect her dreams and family, Parvana must travel alone across Afghanistan in the midst of war to find her family. The books tell the story of young Parvana and her friends in pursuit of protecting their loved ones and finding freedom and salvation in the ongoing war happening in Afghanistan. Ellis intended for her story to shed light for readers and the continuing tragic events happening in Afghanistan and the diabolical treatment of people. You can experience the real struggles within the characters from lack of food and shelter, and having Parvana dressing up to pretend to be a male in order to leave the house to buy food as women are not permitted to leave on their own in areas following Taliban law. The author Ellis created this masterpiece for readers to sympathise and shed light for the true heroic women in Afghanistan facing these daily hardships.

We also have Michelle Roehm McCann 3 Book Collection, this set includes Girls Who Rocked The World and Girls Who Changed The World, both of which tells the tales of just some of the incredible women that made their mark on the world and history, moreover before turning twenty proving that you’re never too young to make a difference. These books are suitable for all ages but especially impactful for the younger audience who have big dreams, there are stories that tell about girls who designed famous monuments and daring fights for their countries’ freedom and being political innovators! We have a fantastic book set ideal for children ages 7-9, Fantastically Great Women 2 Book Collection is brimming with vibrant and colourful illustrations which introduces the brave and valiant women who shaped the world we live in. It encourages people to stand up for what you believe is right!

Did you know this special day was first acknowledged in 1911 and became a major holiday in the Soviet Union from 1917? In the 21st century, over 20 countries celebrate this holiday with a day off predominantly in Asia such as China. International Women’s Day is a period of time to reflect on the progress made, and not to be afraid to continue the fight for equal opportunities for everybody on the planet, let’s focus on appreciating the courage and resolve ordinary women had displayed and made history for their nation, communities and worldwide.


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