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International World Health Day

International World Health Day

Did you know that there is research done which links correlations between mental wellbeing with enjoyment of reading and writing? 

We should all be pushing each other to reach our individual potentials. If you are a child reading this, make sure to encourage your friends of the benefits of reading for better health and for parents, create a good habit or reading schedule for your children, yourself or reading together!

In the report done by the National Literacy Trust, which involved a survey of 49,047 people both children and young people aged 8 to 18 in the UK. In this analysis, children and young people who are the most engaged with literacy have positive mental wellbeing than their peers who may be least engaged (Mental Wellbeing Index scores of 7.9/10 vs 6.6/10). Children who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental wellbeing than children who are the least engaged (39.4% vs 11.8%).

Now we know one of the best methods to boost mental health, let’s work hard for each other and include some reading in our daily lives. 

The National Literacy Trust report believes that high literacy levels will have better impacts on social, economic and culture among communities. Hence, addressing the challenges of reaching a standard of literacy is a national goal not only for children but also for adults in order to improve personal wellbeing, create a safer, stronger and positive community and driver future economic success. And we are so fortunate to have access to so many fantastic books online and in libraries. 

For this reason, let’s work hard to encourage each other to read more and learn more.

In 2006 KPMG released a paper entitled The long term costs of literacy difficulties. This research estimated the annual cost of below satisfactory literacy as £1.73bn; made up of costs in terms of health and special needs support. KPMG states that there are a number of intangible benefits of literacy that are not included in the survey so we should all be glad that we have so many accessible libraries and bookstores like Books2Door! 

In Hicks (2003) research, there is evidence that shows the correlation between reading and better mental as well as physical health. With recreational reading exercises the imagination, this gives access for people to information on improving health benefits, relaxation, fitness, social interaction. By reading, it empowers the individual and promotes personal development, supports self expression and encourages independent learners to explore wider social issues and understand both self and others. There are other endless amounts of benefits of reading which we haven’t touched upon which can be found linked below. Our Home Learning category is great for children who are currently homeschooling due to the current situation with Covid-19, we also have other great titles in Young Adults for adults and parents. Let us bring joy and education into your relaxation time by providing our best books for you. Remember that it is always crucial to support one another in developing better physical and mental health, and we must all play our part if we can to build a strong and positive network of people both in children and adults. 


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