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Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Christmas countdown! - Books to get you into the festive season. 

In this Christmas category, we have included many titles to suit our broad range of audience, from picture books, books for ages 0-5 to books suitable for young adult readers. We have in this collection, The Grinch 3 Book Collection ideal for ages 9-14 by the classic author Dr.Seuss. The titles included in this set are The Grinch: The Story of the Movie, Movie Sticker Book, Movie Colouring Book. The same creators as the Minions and Despicable Me, this Grinch set is easy to read and summarises the classic work of the 1957 story by Dr. Seuss. We have Charles Dickens Easy Classics 10 Books Collection by Sweet Cherry Publishing, containing a huge selection of 10 wonderful books! This classic is in fact suitable for children of ages 5-7, the stories are adapted and illustrated with meticulous detail and character expressions, in this set you can join in on the adventure with Ebeneezer Scrooge in his Christmas adventure in spooky scenes. 

Christmas Picture Books

In this chilly category, we also have Jumps & Shout 10 Picture Books Children Collection. A huge selection of 10 books with some of the most artistic illustrations you can ever find. In this set, it includes the title My Dad is a Bear, a tale about a big, soft, cuddly bear who is a father to baby bear. This lovely story about fatherhood and father love will surely teach kids about the beautiful things a father would do for their children, and it will show young readers why fathers are just so amazing! This set also includes the title Santa’s Tight Squeeze, this tale tells about Santa and his generous venture around the world, delivering special presents to families however on each occasion, treats and sweets are left ready for Santa to grab and eat from each house, in this story we find out if Santa will be able to fit in a chimney as his belly grows bigger. 

With so many books to choose from, we can help you by listing some of our most loved and bestselling titles. For instance, Christmas can be the perfect time to finally grab our ever so popular Biff, Chip & Kipper books which have proven to be an effective way to develop reading skills from early readers anywhere you may be. Developed by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta, for the past 30 years Biff, Chip and Kipper have helped kids learn in a fun way as children will get the opportunity to see what sealife is all about, how to prepare for a picnic, how to pronounce difficult words, how to have fun on the beach, how to celebrate your parents birthday, visiting different types of shops, how to have fun with instruments and more. 

We also have the Reading Champions, our number one bestselling title which remained the top selling title for many months. Divided into Reading Champion colour codes which sort out the collection from Orange all the way to White. Particularly useful for home learning, the set will make an excellent Christmas gift for readers ages 5-7. Reading Champions was developed by reading experts and The UCL Institute of Education which is a leading centre for research into education. You can browse our bestsellers and series collection for more fantastic books which will make for a perfect present for all the family.

One of our most famous bestselling titles which happens to be a magical and fantastic series to get you into the beautiful, spellbinding mood of Christmas is the The Chronicles of Narnia 7 Book Box Set. This world of Narnia has left an everlasting impression on adults and children alike! With a tale about entering a new land of Witches, Centaurs, Giants and Fauns, the eternal winter will build your Christmas spirit and get you into a happy frame of mind to look forward to the holidays! 

We have The Charles Dickens Collection 5 Books Set, this series packed together in a beautiful slipcase is a one of a kind product with Charles Dickens favourite and most loved work. Included are Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. Dickens was one of the most influential authors of his time in the 19th century, his portrayal of the Victorian era in London and his detailed stories and description of the lives of people are much admired today. His beautiful and original story of A Christmas Carol was written in 1843 which gave a new generation and genre of Christmas books! Can we call Charles Dickens the Father Christmas of magical Christmas fairy tales? 


Crafts and crackers! Get creative with your family with our colouring & art books. 

Our Activity Books have been an ever so popular category since its creation a few months back! Among these incredible useful activity books perfect for games and fun at home, we have the Christmas Doodle and Colouring Book, each page is filled with illustrations that can help nurture kids creativity and imagination. With heavy focus on the festive winter season, each scene is packed with interesting interactions between Santa and friends, snowball fights, reindeers, ice-cold landscapes and more! More than 100 illustrations for kids to work on, the artwork is a perfect preparation for kids towards Christmas whilst they actively work on their drawing skills. 

We also have Usborne Lift The Flap 5 Books Collection Set with over 380 flaps to lift, this whopping collection contains all the facts and information kids need to develop into a well-informed smarty pants! Full of colourful artwork, useful lessons and teachings about various facts of the world such as how many plays Shakespeare wrote, what type of snack is the heaviest, how car engines, toilets, escalators work, why can’t we see stars during the day. This bestseller is carefully designed with intricate design and fascinating diagrams to make learning easy, kids can spend the Christmas period in a fun and productive way.


Christmas Book Gifts for Toddlers

We haven’t forgotten about books for toddlers, let us make Christmas a special memory for these precious little ones who may be experiencing winter for the first or second time. At Books 2 Door, we have plenty of books for toddlers which include soft toys and phonic-based development. We have the That’s not my Elf and Toy which is suitable for ages 0-5. Each page is energetic and vibrant which can be read slowly for babies whilst they cuddle with their new soft elf friend.  

Continuing with the much loved Touchy-Feely books, we have the That’s not my snowman accompanied with a cute and charming snowman toy, a pleasant surprise for babies! Follow each page in the book with colourful illustrations of snowman’s scarf, nose and mittens. Babies will enjoy the fun story as you read aloud to them. The drawings are captivating and the pages will keep babies wondering and entertained. 

Christmas is approaching, at Books 2 Door, we make an extra effort each year to stock in the most exciting and favourite Christmas themed books. This year of 2020, we will be introducing some new titles to our Christmas collection as well as including several beloved Christmas titles from previous years as well. 

Christmas Baby Books

We have so many great selections of books for all ages including ages 0-5 all the way up to ages 9-14. In this beautiful collection, we have Spot’s First Christmas, this book follows the story of a sweet little puppy called Spot who is helping her mum prepare the house with exciting Christmas decorations in preparation for the festive season. Spot is showing us that we can all lend a hand for our family in helping prepare for the holidays and will be especially useful for young kids to follow and learn. Spot is singing classic Christmas carols, decorating the tree with all sorts of prettiness and wrapping gifts for a special someone. Individual flaps will teach young readers about fine motor skills, it is a story for kids to learn about play and adventure

We also have the Christmas Doodle and Colouring Book by Egmont, this is one of our beloved books perfect for children to develop their creativity in colouring and artwork. Some of the themes in this colouring book includes questions like asking what Father Christmas looks like and what are children building in the snow. The pages of wonderful characters and scenes will keep kids entertained for hours and hours during the winter holidays. 

In this Christmas assortment of books, we have the Santa’s House 20 Book Set, this interestingly designed set includes some of the most well written books. This Santa House has cut out windows, and engaging design around the set which would keep kids attracted to this mindfully designed item. Some of the books included are Snow Friends, Lost in the Snow, One Winter’s Day and more. 


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