Beast Quest Series 6 - 6 Book Collection - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Adam Blade

Beast Quest Series 6 - 6 Book Collection - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Adam Blade
By Adam Blade 6 Book Collection ISBN: 9781408353035 Product Code: B2D0008

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Adam Blade's heroes are back in series 6 of Beast Quest. In this 6 book collection, heroes Tom and Elenna must tackle six terrifying Beasts to find the ingredients for a magical potion to rescue Tom's mother. This box set is perfect for fans of the Beast Quest series aged 7+ and children with an interest in fantasy and adventure.

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Titles In This Set:

  • Terra, Curse of the Forest
  • Murk the Swamp Man
  • Fang the Bat Fiend
  • Muro the Rat Monster
  • Komodo the Lizard King
  • Vespick the Wasp Queen

Beast Quest: Komodo 

Tom's most challenging Quest awaits! He must rescue his mother from devious Wizard Velmal by finding six potion ingredients, all guarded by the terrifying Beasts of Kayonia. Can Tom and his companions brave the Dead Desert and conquer Komodo the Lizard King...? 

Beast Quest Sepron

Kayonia's forests are deathly silent - the animals have disappeared and no one dares set foot among the trees. A terrible danger lurks within: Terra, Curse of the Forest! To save his mother, Tom must track down and destroy Terra, or perish in the attempt...

Beast Quest Murk

Tom must free the magical beasts of Avantia from an evil spell. Armed with a sword and shield from the Wizard Aduro, Tom sets off to face Arcta the mountain giant. Can Tom save his land from destruction?

Beast Quest: Vespick

Tom has nearly reached the end of his most challenging Beast Quest! The fate of his mother and the land of Kayonia depend on him and his faithful companions. Can he defeat the deadliest of his foes, Vespick the Wasp Queen, and wicked Wizard Velmal?

Beast Quest: Fang

Evil Wizard Velmal holds Tom's mother captive, and death creeps closer with every moment. To rescue her, Tom still has to find four potion ingredients. Standing in his way is Fang the Bat Fiend - can Tom destroy this foul creature, or will he finally meet his doom?

Beast Quest: Muro

Tom now seeks the second potion ingredient that will free his ailing mother from Wizard Velmal's fiendish sorcery. He must battle against Muro the Rat Monster, who can command the vermin of Kayonia to do his wicked bidding!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Adam Blade
ISBN 9781408353035
Collection ISBN 9781408353035
Age group 7-9
Book amount 6
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions W=13cm, H=20cm, L=6cm
Publisher Orchard Books
Condition New
Video link No
RRP 29.94

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